Dr. Harper's new book on food plots and early successional plants


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I can finally follow up on this, as I have now read the book thanks to being stuck away from my properties right now.

Here I guess is my short review:

It has a ton of good information, but nothing that changed my life or management. A lot of the principals outlined are something you could learn elsewhere. If you have no food plot experience, it's a great read as a place to get off the ground for food plots. The early successional habitat information is much more limited.

My biggest issue with the book is that it's based primarily on southern climates, with a bit of "if you're in the north it will be different" thrown in to say it's not a one size fits all. If I lived in Tennessee it would be a much better resource than Minnesota.

I learn a lot from this forum, and generally the information is easier to extract via the search function.

If you have the means, it's worth the read. I probably won't dig too deep into it again, aside from the reference sections at the back in regards to fertilizer/herbicide/insecticide.

Thanks. I just saved myself 50$. Ive got some of his books. Usually decent info. I’m in middle of north and south so I’m used to interpreting info to fit my area.

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Interesting perspective

Dr Harper is a southern Paul Knox in my view

A lot of my favorite authors( Bartylla,etc) require some "if you're in the south it will be different"!!!! view when reading their recs

I enjoy reading them all, but still learn the most from the arena of ideas that is this forum


I think what I love best about Bartylla and Neil/Craig Dougherty and why I learned so much from their writings is how much they focus on habitat even though food plots are still an essential part of their programs.


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I just received my copy, should have bought it earlier. Excellent resource and well worth the cost in my opinion.


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