Digging for Daikon


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It’s gratifying to know that something you planted is so important to the deer that they will dig through our very infrequent snows to get to the goodies. Not only do we not have many snows, we hardly ever have 6”/8” depths like we did a couple weeks ago. This was supposed to be 75% wheat and 25% daikon radish but it’s kinda reversed. I need a little more tutoring on planting daikon it seems. ;) But......they seem to like it so there will be more next fall, just better proportioned.

The other pic is of a buck that made it through hunting season unscathed, unseen by our eyes, and unseen by cameras in the daylight except for two times during the rut. He’s what I call a lucky buck, in that somebody gonna have to be lucky to get him.
I laughed reading about your mostly daikon field; I had done the same with my first turnip and radish planting. It just didn't seem that five lbs. or less radish seeds or turnip seeds could even show when planted with 100 pounds of wheat. That big old buck doesn't seem to mind though.
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