Da Beard!


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Ok, so when do you statrt growing your Deer opener beard? Now I know that everyone grows theirs at a different rate, and some look like a badly shaved wire-hair terrier! But when do you start? I likely will start September 1, even though I only go with the goatee…
I saw a picture of myself with a beard and though who is that elderly old fart and it was me!!! After I lost most of the hair on top I bought good clippers and keep everything high and tight. Some guys can pull off the look. More power to you. I look like a red neck dumb ass in a "B" movie.
Rocking beard for first time of life. We will see how it turns out. If I kill a 150”+ buck my wife may never see my bare face again.

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I last shaved New Years Eve 2017. Never left it grow for this long before.

But said I would let it grow for a year just because I never have before.

My brother told me I was starting to look like Grizzly Adams. Lol.
I keep waiting for someone to post beard pics so I’ll start...

First time letting mine get this long. The wife actually approves...



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