Craziest thing you have seen while hunting......

I had one of those huge flocks of starlings and grackles swirling around the treetops in perfect unison. They flew above the tree I was in and the flock must have made an instant turn. The air forced down from those thousands of wings made the entire tree shutter and shake like there was a minor exaggeration! At 1st, I really didn't understand what happened, but it happened again a few seconds later and I was in a fairly large tree (20"DBH) was not some little sapling.
I'm still amazed when I think of that encounter.
One of the crazier things I've experienced was a bobcat screaming pretty close to me. It sounded like a lady was in the woods screaming. Spooky

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Yep- that will make the hair on your neck stand up... had that happen one year while hanging a stand after dark (long story).. sounded like someone was being murdered.

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I was riding out to plant my food plot with a bag of rye beside me when a mouse jumped up on top of the bag of rye and was sniffing around on it trying to get a mouthful.
I used a scent drag one time and went in a big circle around my stand in hopes to get a deer to stop long enough for a shot. I was young and didn't understand how they worked. So was the yearling that followed that trail for an hour round and round he went. Felt bad for him. He thought he was getting close. But could never catch up

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