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Hello to everyone, newbie to the forum here. Thanks for having me. I have been deer hunting for a long time and just changed locations. I went from 1000 acres and 6 people in Alabama to 100 acres with only my son and I hunting it. 20 acres of fields and the rest woods in central Ms close to the Alabama state line. This use to be a old orchard/farm with plenty Chestnut trees and persimion trees. I planted 8 acres of Iron clay peas and sunflowers during the summer and Buck busters fall mix which i added turnips to the mix. I also throw corn out. I have plenty of big bucks on cameras a'll through the year, mainly at night, especially now during the hunting season. 1 camera will have 18 different bucks ranging from unicorns up to 12 points, consistently, 500 pictures in a week, easy. With 4 cameras out well you do the math... The first thing i notice was the amount of feces all over, of all kinds, deer, Turkey, raccoon ,coyote and some I don't have any clue to what made it. Next thing were the all the sheds we have been finding , they are everywhere. Big ones little ones. They will puncture tires if your not careful. Deer rubs on trees all over, some trees as big as a full grown mans calf /thigh. The one thing that i am lacking are the scrapes. Where i came from you could look at a set of woods and you know where a deer were set out a scrape line. You could see the old scrapes filling in with debris but you could still them, and next year the buck would start them back up again as long as he wasn't shot. My new place I haven't found any old scrape lines but as of Dec 28-18 i just found 3 pitiful scrapes so i assume they are just starting which is about right. But for all the big bucks on camera I figured the place would be all scraped up. Now as for does I have a few but not what I would think I should have. The neighbors seem to kill them on site even the yearlings. This i am assuming, dont know but if they are killing bucks with every shot we are over run with bucks. Im just tired of looking at beautiful bucks on camera at all times of the night and come day light all i see are a doe/yearling, maybe. Ive looked for bedding areas and found nothing, I know the rut is coming and I assume things will change, but dam. Other than head lighting and suppressors (joke) any ideas as to how to get some big antlers on the ground. I am new to the area and I am still learning how to hunt it. Maybe bowhunt in the beginning then fish till January, then rifle hunt?? I need to learn how to post pictures here. Also i do shoot a single doe or 2 for meat so i got nothing against shooting the right doe. My area is rectangular, North to south and the neighbors on the east /West sides shoot alot (does i assume), the neighbors on my south seem to be against deer hunting (?) they make alot of noise from yelling to gunshots, weed whackers very loud pipe organ. The guy I leased from says they are too and tells me to invite the game warden over for visit, which I don't have any problems doing but it seems to be getting better, but we aren't blasting every time we go out. I got my meat so I'm waiting on the racks. I would think these big bucks have a safe haven somewhere close and was thinking the south side but there's no way they would sit through all the noise ?? But like I said it seems to be getting better. I guess I'm just venting but I've never seen anything like this. My old place you would be lucky to get 300 pictures of deer in 6 months and 3 might be shooter bucks. But the place was lousey with deer, deer everywhere, you would see 1-30 deer in one morning hunt. You could hop from one scrape to another in someplaces. No hunting pressure at all. Like i said im venting and i didnt know this forum existed. I will be posting other things off my chest just to hear other people's take.
Happy New Year everyone and I hope this goes through
Welcome to the forum. Believe you will find our group to be helpful.

Happy New Year - I think your best hunting is in the coming month.

Thanks Wayne, I take it you like chestnuts Trees? I have a big beauty on my property and it produced a mast crop this year. On my old lease I had planted 12 baby (6') chestnut trees, 3 to a area. I've always heard it takes 2 trees to pollinate each other?
I retired in Oct 2015 Day and before I retired I decided I would grow and distribute chinese chestnuts. It has been great fun and I have shipped over 20,000 chinese chestnuts in 4 years to over 30 states.

Yes chinese chestnuts are pollenated by another tree - I like my trees about 21 to 22 feet apart - others like 25 feet. I don't want the pollen hitting the ground. I built a greenhouse 16 by 25 with a shade cloth and in the first two winters a white cover. My floor is gravel with wood ends and gray PVC hoops at 5 feet apart.

I have gifted many chinese chestnut seedlings when I had more than I could use and I always give people 3 seedlings in the event one dies off.

If you will ask people how to get more daylight pictures on your ground, there are very wise habitat / hunters on this forum. Key is ask a question and say your appreciate their help / advice. I believe in the good nature of 99% of the users on here.

One Thousand Chestnut Trees is my thread - it started on the old QDMA Forum that was shut down by QDMA. It is on this forum also.

Mature buck movement in daylight is a tricky subject. The answer is simple, but being able to produce the answer is sometimes the problem. The answer is removing pressure. The problem is that pressure from outside your property can impact deer movement on your property, even if you are doing a good job yourself.

A relative sent me daylight pictures this week of a very nice 11 point in the back yard of a home in a subdivision in the city limits of Cincinnati, Ohio. She took these pictures with her I-phone while standing on the patio. The deer was about 20 feet away - walking around in broad daylight - and had no fear. There is a lesson here for us.

The fact that you are new to your land and out roaming around all over the place (you mentioned looking for sheds, etc) is a big part of why you aren't seeing any deer in daylight right now. It would work in a Cincinnati subdivision, but not at your location.

My suggestion is to create a thick sanctuary in the center of your property and stay out of it except in the spring when you do maintenance and shed hunt. Hunt the edges of it and be smart about scent control. Your deer will still feel some pressure from outside your place, but they should bed in the secure, thick area IF it is their best option for bedding in the area.

Getting the mature bucks you are hunting to bed on your place is one key to hunting them. Your best chances at a legal shot come just before dark and just after daylight during legal shooting times. If they are bedding somewhere else, that reduces your chances dramatically. They don't have to bed there year round, but you for sure want them bedding there in hunting season. The best chance of having that is thick cover in an undisturbed location - unless you live in a subdivision in Cincinnati, Ohio - but that is a whole different ballgame than most of us are playing.

One final thought - daylight sightings of mature bucks will always be more likely at your peak rut times. I don't know when that is for you, but be out there hunting whenever that is.

Best wishes.
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No need to rehash what Native said, it's gospel. A hundred acre place can be tough to hunt, especially if you don't live there. I have 85 acres here at home and "my deer" are somewhat accustomed to my presence close to the house, but on the back of the property, not so much. That's why I have more than one property to hunt. I've found that if I can distribute the pressure, I see more deer in the daytime. This may not be possible for you, and if not then you're just gonna have to manage your pressure the best you can, make it more attractive than your neighbor's, and only hunt when most conditions are in your favor. That's probably not what you wanted to hear, but I think it's the truth. Good luck !