What kind of weather, climate and terrain do you favor for hunting and scouting?

My first and only deer was taken by me in a "lush green forest" of Trinity Co., CA in 1996.
A few gentle rolling hills in the woods (a private ranch) but no vertical cliffs to climb. No rough brush. No snakes, warm in the afternoon but not burning up in mid-October. Damp in the morning and slightly cool. You might say balmy weather.

I prefer to hunt in an area that's not too hilly, not too hot and dry, below 2,000 feet, not rattlesnake-infested and not cactus-like. Will tolerate light-to-moderate rain but not freezing snow. I'm a fair weather and mild terrain sort of outdoors-man. A California flatlander of upbringing. With my asthma, I must be cautious of exertion and high altitudes and extreme temperatures.

Living in southern Oklahoma now. Texas close by. After the heat and high humidity of the summer, the land around here doesn't seem too difficult to play in outside. Was stationed at Fort Sill with the army 30 years ago. Winter here rather mild this year. I have seen at least two rattlers in Oklahoma's high summertime heat while in the service. The winter of 1990 was brutally cold for Lawton. Ice on roads, greasy for driving and wind chills to -35. The previous Lawton winter of 1989 was mild enough for me to ride my bike around town in January. More or less like now.
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