1. mason mazz

    Hunter Survey (College Research Project)

    Hello fellow hunters, I am a senior Food, Agriculture, and Enviormental sciences major at Ohio State University and I am working on a research project involving animals, land, and hunters. Please take 1-2 minutes to take this quick survey. Completing the survey will give you a chance to win a...
  2. D

    hunting mobile decoys

    Hello, i wanted to ask your opinion about mobile decoys My friend wanted to sell me his decoyed duck collection. He said that this is the best decoys, that I've ever seen. I didn't hear about minuses from him. And I've decided to ask you about them.I don't remember the name, but I think that it...
  3. Cody

    Looking for land to Shed Hunt

    My name is Cody and I live in Michigan. I'm looking for land to search for antlers either in Michigan or out of state. I've found some in Michigan before, but other states produce bigger bucks than Michigan. I'm looking preferably for private property, but would take any info on decent state...
  4. J

    Outdoor Shirt _Hunting, camping, fishing and hiking shirts

    Are you an outdoor man? Do you love outdoor activities? OUTDOOR SHIRT is for you. Let's go ! => OUTDOOR SHIRT
  5. Headline Outdoors

    Corsican Ram Hunt

    Took my son down to Wilderness Hunting Lodge in TN for a hog hunt, once he was done with that I got the chance to get a ram hunt in. Here is a link to it.....
  6. Headline Outdoors

    Smoked Wild Boar Chops

    Got some chops off of my son's Wild Boar. Trying something different, and smoking them.
  7. Headline Outdoors

    6 year old Boar hunting....

    Here is my son, Adam, hunting Wild Boar with Wilderness Hunting Lodge for his 6th birthday.
  8. Headline Outdoors

    Fishing while taking a break from hunting.....

    Had my son down at Wilderness Hunting Lodge for his 6th birthday. He wanted to do a Boar hunt, but what to do with a 6 year old during your down time? Luckily they had fishing on site.....
  9. Headline Outdoors

    Craziest thing you have seen while hunting......

    Let's here them, what's the craziest thing you have witnessed while in the woods hunting?
  10. B

    I need an advice about rangefinder binoculars, Folks, Help me !

    Hello folks, I found an interesting post about Rangefinder Binoculars, I want to buy some good rgf binoculars, I got 1500$ - 2000 $ , I want it for Bow Hunting, can you advise me from this 4 binoculars , which would be most comfortable for me ? I was thinking about Bushnell, any other ideas...
  11. O

    Invitation to Hunt/Fish and Dive in New Zealand

    Hi Fellow Fishos, Spearos and hunters. I have a unique situation where I am finishing up my corporate job this year and going to be hunting, fishing and diving my way around New Zealand for 3-4 months. This is my backyard and have extensively hunted, fished and speared a large majority of NZ...
  12. D

    New Year, New Deer Season. Steadfast tips to help your success

    Each year I sit back once deer season ends and take inventory of the lessons learned. This year was no different , but as I thought about it further I realized there were several that I follow religiously. The 5 I wrote about in the article below are the ones I have learned in years past, and...
  13. D

    Tough Season. Forget what you know, remember whats important

    My 2016 deer season has been tough in Michigan. Lots of close calls and tough conditions turned my season into a grind by the time firearm got going. It didn't stop there either. I now I'm a tough hunter, but I was letting circumstances get the best of me and I lost track of what I should have...
  14. GraceNmercy

    Small Place in East Texas

    Well on the old QDMA forum I used to post all my update each time I went up to work as some of you may recall. I couldn't figure out how to save everything so I'm starting over. For those who are new to my post, several years ago I found that my great uncle who lived on our families 33 property...
  15. L

    Here is Extra Motivation for You to Sit All Day

    So I have always been a fan of sitting all day once the rut hits, but sometimes have a hard time getting myself to do it. I often times find myself making excuses to head home for the midday hours of hunting. I'll admit, I just have a hard time sitting past 4 or 5 hours. Even when I know I...
  16. A

    Recommended caliber/rifle for a new hunter

    I am 19 years old and have just recently gotten into hunting. I live in Georgia, so I will be hunting whitetail for the most part, and maybe go on the occasional hog hunt. We have a large piece of private land, consisting of both a field and thick woods. A shot in the field would be between...
  17. Couchguy

    A little deer camp humor...

  18. A

    Custom Decal Stickers

    Hi everyone I started a sticker company a few months ago. If anyone is looking for coustom decals let me know. I can make anything from decals to banners and car lettering and much more. I have many colors in stock. I work from home and my price are affordable. The more you buy the cheaper they...
  19. C

    Annuall hunting lease in Texas

    Does anyone know where I can find an annuall hunting lease in west or central Texas want a 4 to 6 hunter lease!