I need an advice about rangefinder binoculars, Folks, Help me !

Which one ?

  • Leica

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  • Carl

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  • Bushnell

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  • Swarovski

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Hello folks, I found an interesting post about Rangefinder Binoculars, I want to buy some good rgf binoculars, I got 1500$ - 2000 $ , I want it for Bow Hunting, can you advise me from this 4 binoculars , which would be most comfortable for me ? I was thinking about Bushnell, any other ideas? Thanks guys !

Here is reviews, help me to choose please , in 2 days I am going for hunting , need it asap.

Maybe Leica ?
I've used the Zeis, Swarovski and Leicas quite a bit. My own leanings are towards the Zeis. For bow hunting, it shouldn't make much of a difference. However, at longer ranges, I've had issues with some of the early Leicas getting a range reading. I've nearly pulled the trigger to avoid packing optics and a range finder everywhere I go. For woods distances, I think there is a possible cheaper compromise. The Swarovski range finder has good glass--you could use it has a monocular. I've done this with the Zeis RF which is not as nice of glass and it is OK unless you've become spoiled by using high end binos for all glassing.
If spending that much I would look at Zeiss,but for bowhunting in the midwest I would do Vortex and save the rest.Out west better binos is good.Check the warranty.For a combo unit there was a article online about some combo units from the ATA show last week.Might have been on bowhunting.com