Hunter Survey (College Research Project)

mason mazz

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Hello fellow hunters, I am a senior Food, Agriculture, and Enviormental sciences major at Ohio State University and I am working on a research project involving animals, land, and hunters. Please take 1-2 minutes to take this quick survey. Completing the survey will give you a chance to win a Cabelas gift card! Your response is very helpful, Thank you!
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The leasing question is worded oddly. No, I hate the idea. Maybe change that to just no. If I vote No you are assuming I hate the idea? May want to add acres on size of land you hunt. Assuming that is what you mean. Good luck.
Awesome, I will fix all those things. Helps to have more eyes find those little tweeks. Thanks for the advice and time to participate!
Agree with Kurt above, I don't lease any ground but don't hate the idea either. Be interesting to see your results.
Yes, I have leased land to hunt, think it is a great opportunity for many, but don't lease anymore because I hunt my own property