1. M

    Property Layout Question

    ***NEW POST BELOW (AERIAL PHOTO) WITH CHANGE TO LAYOUT BASED ON ACQUIRING ADJACENT PARCEL - APPRECIATE FEEDBACK OR INPUT!*** Hi, I'm not sure if this belongs here or in the habitat management thread but I'm looking input from hunters. Been following the site and property tours for a while and...
  2. mason mazz

    Hunter Survey (College Research Project)

    Hello fellow hunters, I am a senior Food, Agriculture, and Enviormental sciences major at Ohio State University and I am working on a research project involving animals, land, and hunters. Please take 1-2 minutes to take this quick survey. Completing the survey will give you a chance to win a...
  3. I

    New Hunting Land Do's and Dont's

    Hey Folks, New member and new hunting land owner. Was hoping to get some good Do’s and Dont's of what to do on this hunting land to aid in successful November hunts? -Property is 40 Acres (90%+ high ground) -Clear Cut 25 Years ago, good mix of hardwoods and brush have come back since then...
  4. Cody

    Looking for land to Shed Hunt

    My name is Cody and I live in Michigan. I'm looking for land to search for antlers either in Michigan or out of state. I've found some in Michigan before, but other states produce bigger bucks than Michigan. I'm looking preferably for private property, but would take any info on decent state...
  5. K

    Tips on buying or leasing hunting land

    I lost my permission spot to hunt this year. I am not the first and I'm sure I won't be the last. It gives me a bad taste toward leasing companies. I am on a tight budget and did not look for a new lease or permission for this season for a number of reasons. I am torn between wanting to join...