Compact Drill


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Does anyone know who makes small drills, preferably 3pth mounted but can be pull behind. Looking at getting a tractor trying to keep it small so expense stays smaller. Most of the drills look like they require 40hp or more.

Just wondering if anyone knows who sells them.
You can buy the JD "B" drills for cheap lots of times. 40hp would play with with a 12ft

Or you can cut them in half and have 2 6ft and sell the other

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I rented a drill from the county extension office. $7 /acre. Just can’t justify buying one and maintaining it. You might check to see if there’s one close to you available to rent.
My extension office only has big drills.There are several people around that cut them down or you can buy a kasco versa drill ,plotmaster etc. that do decent jobs