Crossbow ...yup!

Age is starting to take a toll on me. I have been grounded. Bad Back, Bad Knees, Bad Shoulders ect... So this year I rifle hunted from the ground for the first time in the last 45 years. I sold my Compound. I'm leaving my hunting club. Terrain is steep Mountain and I'm not up to it, but I don't want to quit hunting... Looks like I'm gonna be in the market for a mid price range compound bow. There is a WMA 30 miles from my house that I can Bow Hunt Mid October thru Mid February, or I can hunt some rifle hunts weather permitting... Weather hasn't been kind this year.
SO... I went on a scouting trip to BASS PRO SHOP and looked at Compound bows. I think I'll buy a Ten Point when I get my Income Tax money back... It will keep me in the game a couple more years...
Sorry to hear about your health issues. I hope you can find a new place to hunt that is easier to navigate. You should have a box blind with a stairway to get in it, right beside a nice little food plot.
Add me to the Used to use a Compound and Now use a XBow Group.

I can shoot pretty accurate out to 50 yards, but when set up correctly I could do that with my Bear Whitetail Hunter back in the mid-70's. Never took a shot that far at a deer but did in practice.

Likewise I won't probably ever do that on a deer. I'm not in the "it was so big it was worth the chance" group. Either I can kill it or I can't. Period.

For the record I can still shoot the bow I gave my SIL pretty well, better than he can. But with all the crap going on in my back it serves me better to not do it very often, so I chose to continue to hunt by buying a XBow last year.

BTW SC has Hunting Season. You decide the weapon, doesn't matter what it is. My SIL Hunts with of friend of his there.
So we must look reviews of crossbow we would like to buy and make the plan to ensure there is no raining that day :)))
Nope ..I was saying that external events like rain,wind,sleet ...a distant chainsaw ...ALL EXTEND the range of the crossbow as it seems to take the deer a bit more time to pull out the sound ...hence the arrow has more time to travel before deer reaction to bow sound ...that EQUALS longer reasonable kill zone ...all bets are off if it is an alert deer we are targeting as they seem to sort out the danger much quicker