Checked out the local walmart

Charleston Treeman

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The chestnuts are on super clearance.

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Which Walmart was that? I might have to swing by and see if there are any left...
Stock up one them....especially at that price! If I find them this time I year they go straight in the ground and they get watered, watered and then watered some more! I have my first burrs this year form trees planted in 2014.
Glad I grabbed a couple when I did. Wife isn't very happy that I planted them in the front yard though.

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check the dumpster.......lots of clearance items end up there
Not trees though as they get credit for returning unsold ones, even if they're dead. Our local Shopko wouldn't even sell me their dead ones at a discount, in fear I would bring them back next spring to take advantage of their 1 year guarantee.

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