Brushpile's Tracking Pack

Makes you feel great to watch Heidi nail that track. People just don't have a clue how great that breed is at tracking.

Congrats for the find!!!
Thanks Wayne. This breed is the breed of choice by the man who wrote the tracking book, but some dogs are better than others. I think Heidi will be great and I hope my other dogs are as good.
Last Thursday morning Otto was in distress, and I sensed that he'd swallowed something and was in serious trouble. I took him to the Emergency Vet in Springfield who was unpleasant and asked me what to do? There was a list of items and prices for me to choose, as Otto wreathed in pain, howling and crying for help. I said that Otto was valuable and cost wasn't an object, which resulted in a lecture about all dogs are the same!!! Well, my neighbor's $40,000 Jersey died last week, the most valuable cow in the herd; not the same as losing any other heifer! I was tapped for $477, nothing had been done to resolve Otto's distress as I sped to my vet in Fair Grove.

When I arrived at my vet, people that know and understand whisked Otto away and the vet spoke with me immediately, telling me that Otto was being prepped for emergency surgery. Otto had two foreign objects in his gut, one in his large intestine and one in his small intestine.

Surgery was successful and the vet told me that this deer hoof had slightly perforated his small intestine, and Otto was saved with no time to spare.

The object in Otto's large intestine finally passed today; it was a rock.
My bird dog did the same thing. Ate a kids toy. $3500 later we got back a small goat that cost us $0.25. Quarter toy, literally.

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This is my pack of young adults, from bottom to top is Otto. Heidi and Breeze. They often like to sleep together, and are very good in the house.

Great picture - people might under estimate what these dogs can do. Not me - they are awesome dogs!

So Elkie don't sleep with the youngsters.

Hang in there Otto with all those females.

Tomorrow I'll pick up Anna at KC international. Anna is Heidi's younger sister. Heidi is in heat for the second time and poor Otto is losing his mind! I won't breed until the 3rd heat cycle.
The crew keeps growing. Four females and Otto. He is going to be a busy guy soon enough.

Hope the pickup goes well.

How is Anna doing? Got any pics.

Bet things are rockin and rolling at the Brushpile.

Your dogs are going to be hungry - with that many getting tracks in the fall. Congrats on a great looking pup.

Hang in there Otto.


Breeze Is UBT II qualified! The track was laid at Trackfest in Edmond, OK, using 8 ounces of blood over 800 yards, and then aged over night. At the start of the track was a dead armadillo, then we approached a yard with a barking German Shepherd, then a black cat ran across the track and the track ran over a freshly killed bird, yet Breeze stayed on track. Breeze is just over a year old, and has completed United Blood Trackers most difficult track.
I heard all hell break loose in the back yard. I arrived in time to see Heidi strike faster than the snake and shake it like a wet rag; had it been a poisonous snake, the outcome would have been the same.

I'm 6' tall and the snake is at least 5'. This is a Western Rat Snake/Black Snake, and I encourage them for rodent control. I didn't pick the snake up by hand because hours after the kill it was nasty.
Heidi is bred to Otto. Heidi is a great tracking dog, recovering an 11point buck that went a half mile with zero blood, in her rookie season. Otto is from Champion European Kobeddus bloodlines, imported from Hungary. I hope pregnancy doesn't keep Heidi from tracking, but if it does, I have three other trackers.
Deer season in MO opens when? Hope that pairing of dog / female gives you a great liter. My wife would kill me if I got one of them.

Would you tell on a guy?