Bowhunter14’s Farm thread

Had a couple run encounters with these two buck for the 2022 season. Just could never get them to cooperate with my range limit
As soon as season ended here in Missouri I got started on habitat management on the farm! Started off strong with 12.4 acres of TSI and two half acre temporary forest openings. Going for high stem count areas for some bedding cover
Preparing for watering fruit trees and filling small watering holes I made a 275 gallon rain collection tower to keep from having to truck water back and forth
That’s it so far. Plans for the rest of the off season are as follows

1. Plant 75-100 shrubs that should be here before April.
2. Planting 5 fruit trees Kieffer pear and grafted presimmons from chestnut hills
3. Plot maintenance
4. Building a new tower for Redneck soft sided blind.
5. Put in a new kill plot of clover and oats as a cover crop complete with water hole.