Bowhunter14’s Farm thread

I have hinge cut a little but I don’t want to hinge over my entire place. I have been doing a pretty good mixture in the 13 acres. I am thinning the canopy by girdling the oaks I have to thin and hitting them with Tordon. But I will leave one or two here and there for some resprout I’ve been doing smaller pockets of hinges/bush piles to try and isolate bedding. Pretty much every hickory is getting cut down and a dose of tordon.
Ran out to the farm to get some cutting done before work. Making progress slowly but surely! Thickens up nice. Every hickory and sassafras is getting a shot of Tordon. I am ready to see this come spring!
Question for the ones that have done prescribed fires in the hardwoods before.
This area is 13 acres If I split it up into 2 separate areas and burned off how many people do you think would be acceptable to watch the line? I am wanting this to turn into a jungle so I need some green growth in there. So would a fire in the beginning of April be alright? Best time of year to burn?
I'm a newbie to burning also but have gotten a ton of help from the Kansas conservation folks. It may be worth a call to the MO dept of conservation on your part. Their expertise is really helpful. Just looking at your place, betting some backpack blowers could open up some great burn breaks. I'm working on my place via chainsaw as well. Seems like it goes really slow but just have to stay patient.

I grew up in Springfield so will enjoy watching your progress. Great group on here with a lot of knowledge they willingly share. Look forward to seeing what they offer on this.
Yeah the leaf litter is pretty easy to make a clean brake. I have to have a forester come walk the property anyways so I will ask some more questions when he is out an about!
7CA55596-28CE-4AA6-83C4-B4689665FF3D.jpeg Well I got the pond finally finished out with rock to fully hide the liner and hopefully give it a more natural look. Took a lot of loading rocks in a bucket to get it covered. Anyone have hand made water holes? How do you keep them clean for deer?
Alright guys spring is knocking on the door and I would like to plant some shrubs. I’m gonna be ordering hazelnut, arrowwood, elderberry, and American plum. What about cage size on these? I picked up a roll of 5ftx100ft but don’t really want to burn through it for shrubs. So I thought about a roll of 4ftx100ft chicken wire for shrubs. How big of a cage do I need in terms of diameter? I could put the cages a foot up if I need to be at 5 foot.
I'm doing cages on some oaks and tubes on some oaks. Thinking an 18" diameter should be good for either trees or shrubs. If a guy had a lot of rabbits may want it on the ground. If mostly deer, starting at 12" may buy you some upper growth protection.
I am worried about the shrubs branching out and getting into the cages. But 18 inches would be awesome! A 100ft roll would go a long ways only cutting 5ft at a time
Seems like once they got established maybe they could withstand some browse pressure. I've had a few 4-6" diameter trees rubbed on my place so kind of thinking I need to leave cages on some of these trees for a few years or a lot of years. Good luck on them. We'll be planting soon too.
2 hours and 40 minutes according to google maps lol If only the deer were the same here as they are out there!
Keep a close eye on okie’s tour and you’ll see what a lot of work can do for quality in an area not known for big deer. Same with George!
Came out and got some work done at the farm today. Planted 25 elderberry cuttings, transplanted a couple cedars around the plot edge and did some edge feathering. Still lots to do to this place but I am inching toward my goal every time I get out here