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I finally decided to start my land tour, so here it goes. After about a year of looking I purchased 133 ac. last March in west central Kentucky about 2 or so hours west of Native Hunter, I think you guys have heard of him upload_2018-12-9_19-53-29.gif. Anyway, the property was formerly owned by a timber company who cut it about 5-6 years ago so right now it is super thick. I had my forester look at it and he said they didn't cut it that hard. I have a few white oaks that produced acorns this past fall and he felt it was ready for a TSI. Several hundred acres of soybean and corn pretty much surround me. Some cattle land to the Northeast. The block I am in is +- 400 ac surrounded by lightly used gravel & paved roads,with fallow fields and horses to the southwest. A special thanks to those who I bounced ideas/questions off of during the process, Native Hunter, wbpdeer, CentralKentuckyHunter, & Cedar Ridge.

Red = Perimeter Boundary
Black = Interior Roads and trails
Blue = Water (Wet weather streams) Ponds
Green = Food plots, smaller dots in plots = Apple, Pear, and Chestnut Trees
Yellow Circle = Doe Bedding

Yellow circle = 2 square mile radius.

This is the North field where the parking pin is. I had it brush hogged in April. There is a small pond that you can't see in far left built into the bank.




The above two pic are the L shaped field. Chestnuts are in the tubes at both ends. Still undecided on what to plant here. My bro ended up getting a tractor with a few attachments to get me/us going. He has a farm a few counties away. He is also my caretaker. upload_2018-12-9_19-53-29.gif



A 2 ac field in the bottom with chestnuts and an assortment of apple crabapple and pear trees on the perimeter. I put this field in clover.



We found a few native persimmon trees off of the bottom field.




I had a dozer come in and open up some trails and to repair the roads from the logging and erosion. There was erosion through the center of the bottom field which was also repaired. WW, red and white clover were planted here. Also opened up an old deck for a plot on the east side of the property which I seeded in WR. Need to save up my pennies and have him come back for more road work and a couple water holes.
While I was posting the property back in April my brother scored on a nice Tom.


Cameras have been up and running since last January when I put the place under contract. Here are the highlight:





Hopefully wbpdeer can make it back in the spring and we can find some sheds.
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Looks like a great property with so much woods surrounded by so much AG. It is similar to what is going on here. During the hunting season and as the season progresses you may find deer moving in to seek refuge on your property. Best of luck with your new property; I look forward to following along on your thread. You are starting out running with some great looking deer.
I don't know what is wrong with my computer but I can't see your photos in the your original post. I have been on this property twice with Scotty my oldest lab - once with your brother and once by myself. I was surprised we didn't find any sheds but that is how it goes sometimes.

I think this farm will make a great whitetail and turkey paradise. I believe setting up the plots so the bucks move from one to another in prime time will make the hunting so much better. This farm has many excellent locations for plots on higher ground. I say it will hold deer well and that will improve as you upgrade the habitat. We didn't get over the entire farm and I believe the best area to find sheds we didn't get too.

Congrats on selecting a great hunting farm. Enjoy the journey friend.

Yep - all the photos now show up fine. I really like the huge yellow circle that shows your ground relative to what surrounds your place. This shows your opportunity to attract cruising bucks at prime time. Get your plots ship shape and restrict the pressure. My son and I like food plots on high ground with bedding on lower elevations. Makes for nice hunting setups.

One of the sweetest setups is a huge thick bedding area on a ridge with a food plot out the ridge from it. When bucks are lonesome this is a killer setup. We like to call them buck hotels. A cruising buck will got thru both of them when they are seeking. Your farm has this potential based upon how it lays.

As stated above - you have some good bucks already using your ground.

Don't buy any Chinese Chestnut trees - when I have some more available I can load your wagon - same price as the first bunch.

Congrats on the new property and the habitat addiction that follows! Look forward to tagging along.
Well, with the help you have enlisted this is going to be one super Whitetail Property project. Congrats and I look forward to your updates.
Looks like home to me! Looking forward to following along. You’ve got some great bucks on camera already.
Nice place! I’m probably fairly close to you too. Looking forward to following along!

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Hey suburb. Been traveling some and not as connected as normal so I missed you kicking off your property thread. Looks like you’ve got a great piece of land and some nice bucks! I’m not surprised considering the area.

Any time you’ll be down this way let me know. Would love to see your place some time and would certainly welcome you to check out my place. I’ve done quite a bit of work but haven’t committed to starting up my own thread. I spend all of my time lurking on existing threads and I’m looking forward to following along on yours as well.

Welcome to KY land ownership!
Cedar Ridge - what county is your farm located in?

I am in Portland, TN - 30 miles south of Bowling Green, KY.
Cedar Ridge - what county is your farm located in?

I am in Portland, TN - 30 miles south of Bowling Green, KY.

Hey wbp,

I live in BG and farm is about 25 miles up I65 in Barren Co. I’ve thought about reaching out a few times regarding some trees but have been more focused on getting fields and perimeter / interior roads put in. I’ve pretty much finsished up this part of my project and need to start working on a plan to get some chestnuts, persimmons, apples, etc planted. Should have already done this but somehow I keep getting side tracked. I need more free time but my pesky job keeps interfering.... : )
I made back down to my place a couple of weeks ago. I was able to get a few more thing done:

Got 1/4 ac +~ ridgetop plot pushed out and planted in oats and berseem clover. It was an old logging deck.
Also had the dozer guy do some maintenance on roads and make a couple of new ones connecting thing up for easier access, as my place is a thick jungle after being logged 5-6 years ago.

Planted 15 more Apple/ Crab trees which are leafing out

- Added a kieffer pear to go with the moon glows
- Put up a new gate on the south side of the property.
- Spread 1 ton of bagged pellet lime.
-Put in a few more sawtooths and chestnuts

Additionally, was able to do:
- Maintenance bush hogging.
- Start a persimmon grove consisting of grafted Deer Magnet, Morris burton and Sukis.

I also managed to get a few days of turkey hunting in with no joy in that department.

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Nice work. I know you enjoyed the time afield. My problem with Turkey hunting is, as I sit there waiting on Gobbling Guy to slowly make his way to my amateur hen calls I think "man there's a ton of stuff I need to be doing"
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Ha, I usually do the same thing. The longer I sit there waiting thinking about all the chores I want to get done the more impatient I get. In the end, I cut the hunt short and get back to work. :)