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I finally got the map finished on google to post a tour. My farm is 90acres located in Wagoner County, OK. Almost all the property is bottom land, and ours is entirely hardwoods(primarily Pin Oaks, White Oaks, and Burr Oaks). There were paths cut around all sides of the property and two food plots(shown in green) when we bought the place several years ago. We have tried clover, chicory, and wheat in the plots for the fall and winter(a few other varieties that haven't worked out too). We have also kept a year round protein feeding program for the most part of three years as well. I made the south plot a little bigger this year from a 1/4 acre to over a half acre. and the North plot is about 2.5-3 acres. I will plant both plots this fall in a clover, chicory, winter wheat mix. My goal is to get a year round food plot program in place and ditch the feeding program this year as it is expensive and a hassle(from may-august we can go through about 600# every 3weeks at times, it brings in lots of deer: bucks and does)

The north 1/3 of the property holds some sheet water in the timber, so it can be little wet in the winter and spring time. Because its all timber it feels much bigger of a place.

To the east of us is about 700-800 acres of farm ground the guy will rotate in corn and beans every year with a winter wheat cover crop. He mainly hunts rifle season out of a few tower blinds they have. There is plenty of crops, timber(acorns), and cover to grow big deer. Our objective is to pull more of them on our little place, as there is a lot of options cover-wise to choose from in the bottoms.

The creek always holds water, and I plan to do some hinge cutting on the creek late winter this year for bedding.

The little 2.5-3 acre pocket of cleared ground on the very SW corner is a spot I'm wanting to look at planting 5-6 fruit bearing trees. It tends to be a little wet sometimes(late winter/early spring), so I'm not sure what will tolerate the area.

Lastly, we did a joint NRCS/USFW Wetlands project on the property this summer. It will provide approximately 7acres of habitat for migrating waterfowl this fall and winter. We are very please with the project, even though it took three years from design to implementation, our hats are off to the folks at USFWS, NRCS, and the ODWC....Let me know what you guys think. I would love to hear any all recommendations, especially on the fruit tree plantings.

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Glad you started a land tour. Always great to have another Okie with us. Your place looks really thick. Deer should feel very secure.

I did a 4 acre waterfowl project with NRCS and USFW when I bought my place. Worked out great. I would assume your a big duck hunter also. You run labs?

Post some pics if your place - especially your duck pond
Looks like a great property. Classic case of your neighbors have the destination food sources and you have the cover. You're off to a head start by having the perimeter access trails. I think many would advise establishing sanctuaries in the center of the ground if possible along the creek and just W/NW of your larger plot. Use the perimeter access to make sure your scent is always blowing off your property when you hunt and never towards the sanctuaries.
The fruit plantings sound like a great idea and the location looks ideal. I would establish a food plot in the same location as the fruit trees and hunt it like a staging area.

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Looks like some nice land. Gotta love hardwoods, along with some wet land. Variety, variety.... I'm sitting outside looking at these threads...I thought you had some weird trees in there til I realized how filthy my screen is. Looks better now that I cleaned it off.
Looks like some of Roger Raglin's old stomping grounds...Place looks like it has great promise!
@dogdoc, yes been die hard for about ten years till the first child came two years ago. Also moved to tulsa from Tahlequah in same time frame so boat just sat in the garage as most of my duck hunting buddies moved if. My black lab is a 9 year old female I trained myself till she got heart worms last summer(wife forgot to give her the Ned's as she also did this), then to add insult to injury she blew out her back right knee. Our vet said about $2,400. On top of heart worms I didn't want to put her through the surgery as there were some risk. So she is officially out of the hunting game now. My little boy loves this dog with his entire being so it's ok. She's earned the retirement I guess.
@ Paradise, you are correct. Neighbor to the west has a lot of food and a decent amount of cover. Due to how thick it is, it is hard to hunt as you may not get a 50-100yd view, except for the road stands. I'm always trying to improve the property and find the sweet spots. Have had quite a few nice bucks on the property everyday from Jan-Sept, then they vanish. Very frustrating...I have a 4 yr. old or 9 pt rule and only shoot 1-2 does off the property, so I hope with time they populate enough to where we have deer everywhere I'm I don't have to worry about them leave. There are a few between 4-5 family groups of does that use the property pretty regular. I'll post some Picts after I head out there this weekend.
Hear is a picture of my biggest buck. This was a picture of him last august. He is probably between 4.5-5 here. He is still on the farm as of winter. But I haven't checked cameras in a while in the are he roams. Seems like he stays on the south side and along the creek bank, then starts roaming around in august and I start picking him up elsewhere. Then like a ghost, he vanishes!IMG_0497.JPGIMG_0497.JPG thumb_IMG_0496_1024.jpg
And a few unexpected guests. This guy is pretty uncommon, just a few sighting in the last couple years of bear(s) in the county.


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duxndog...Looks like the beginning of another great Okie thread! Great looking piece of property. Keep the updates coming.
Went out to the farm to disc the south food plot, move a tree stand and clear some shooting lanes on another spot. It poured for nearly and hour on us, but due to time we just kept working.
Here's a picture of the new stand it's on the north side of the wetland looking south. I plan on planting the fall plots on September the 10th Lord willing...

Think I have an easy 250yd shot on both right and left sides for rifle season

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Nice place and some good looking soil...wish my place had a bit more decent soil. We're pretty close to you, around 10 miles north of wagoner.

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Hey thanks G3, are you up in the bluegill point area, seems like wagoner all the way up past Pryor generally has good soil.

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Hear is a picture of my biggest buck. This was a picture of him last august. He is probably between 4.5-5 here. He is still on the farm as of winter. But I haven't checked cameras in a while in the are he roams. Seems like he stays on the south side and along the creek bank, then starts roaming around in august and I start picking him up elsewhere. Then like a ghost, he vanishes!View attachment 2250View attachment 2250 View attachment 2251

Maybe he's driving a Honda, nice buck,
I gotcha, yah I bet it's a little rocky over there? I'm in the verdigris river bottom. It can be wet but we do have some good soil

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