Bow buck plus luck


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76B830C2-10C7-4DCB-8B3C-F4EB8E5707F8.jpeg here is the buck I shot this November 4th. After. Just 3 mornings out. Usually I put in 60 to 80 hrs to see a 4 yr old. He is 4yrs. Friend deer biologist confirmed. Good one lung hit but only back edge of opposite lung so he made it 150!yrds. Fat plugged hole so only drops of blood and a tough track job. Buck came up on my bad side. I had to turn and he saw me. Touch and go stare down for a minute. Best part is a half hour earlier I had a large doe come down a broadside trail for an easy shot and fast track An exciting morning all around.
Nice buck ! I’m editing to say it wasn’t all luck. You made a difficult shot count and unraveled a fairly long track with very little blood. You are to be congratulated for that !

That said, there’s always a degree of luck where hunting is concerned. Lots of what ifs. What if, when he rose from his bed, he had gone the opposite direction. Or ran into a likely girlfriend before he ever got to you. These and other what ifs are out of our control, but once he showed under your stand, you took control and made it happen. Ain’t it grand when a plan comes together ?
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Thanks,,How are things down there in Texas? I am as far south as I ever want to be...I have just 40 little acres but I have made deer travel routes and blocked areas to funnel them near my stands. I put in small food plots with my little rotto tiller. I have apple trees and bedding areas that I do NOT step in until March. So you are correct. It's not all Luck. It is satisfying when the plans all fall into place. Many seasons it does not. When you think of all the land deer can visit in 24 hrs and you are out there just a few hrs every day in a couple spots,,, it is like Russian Roulet. Sometimes things do fall into place and I guess that's what keeps hunters hunting. Thanks to suburbhunter too.