Deer In Memory of My Dad

Wayne, I read your thread a couple days ago on your walk in cooler that you're building. I started to think that you don't even hunt deer. I mean how could you with so many tree projects going and now the walk in cooler? I thought you were Wayne the habitat guy that's just in it for the love of growing things. Now I see Wayne the hunter and read his story too. You're humble as you praise your son but you're leaving some big boot tracks for him to fill. That's a life lived well !
Also that's a great photo of your deer. One for the desk and one for the wall. Nice job!

I love hunting big whitetail deer. It cranks my engine. I am not going hunting tomorrow for opening day gun because I don't have a buck I want to shoot. Now I will be gun hunting in Ohio on November 28th. I would get a kick out of killing a doe tomorrow with a bow. That always cranks my engine. It is not fair for me to kill a doe when the Jackson is trying to kill a buck.

I will be working on my greenhouse tomorrow. Jackson will go hunting. Does it bother me to skip it? No, because I have Ohio on my mind. We bow hunted up there before election day and I know of three bucks I would tag and let the taxidermist mount them.

I had a tough job that I retired from. Now I get to do the things that I have great passion for. My lovely wife has been surprised - she was worried I would not enjoy retirement. :)
Thanks Russell. Welcome to this forum.

Always nice to see new people from far away places. What do you hunt in Canada? You ever hunt any Moose - my son is in for a draw in Alaska which will be announced in February.

Enjoy the ride and glad you are here.

I enjoyed the story Wayne. Great buck and an awesome tribute to your dad!

I know I wouldn't be out there doing what I enjoy so much if it wasn't for my dad and I'm thankful that he is still able to do it with me.