Northwest Florida Buck - 9 him!

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Friday afternoon hunt. 15 minutes in the stand and at 215 a 4.5 y/o 6pt comes thru. Pass. Feeders go off at 330....NOTHING. Spike comes out after 4 pm and eats all corn. Never saw a doe. Nothing came to 2nd feeder in another plot I can see.

Sunset at 505 and right about that time, spike is looking in woods and goes in woods....out comes 1/2 broken rack 8pt. 8pt goes to feeder then back in woods. Then Curves (target buck 9 pt) steps out....not really sure if anything else comes out behind him as I'm trying to film him. Dark so my flash is on constantly....HE IS STARING STRAIGHT AT CONDO because of the flass. 70 yards. I turn off camera (no footage) and grab rifle slowly but I'm in awkward position.

He's staring right at me and I'm shaky with no elbow support. Finally he puts his head down and I get into position and try to control my breathing. He turns broadside and my sights seem steady but I'm amped up. I let one rip and he mule kicks and runs across plot with another deer beside him???? Target I don't know what that deer is???? I work the bolt and get another round in the chamber but he is gone into the pines. 4.5 y/o 6pt is in the plot!!!

I ease out of the's practically dark now and go look for blood. Find some blood in plot and then find a chunk of meat that I assume was heart.... Ease into the dark woods (no flashlight) and see some blood. Follow it but it's too dark to really track. Thought I saw him and it was a stump. About to go back to truck and get a light when I do another circle and he's piled up about 70 yards from plot. Easy drag out. Was a textbook heart shot, but I'm not sure how.

And before I went in, I talked to the camera and said I didn't expect to see any bucks but the wind was wrong to hunt my other spot!!

Here's the 6pt in the plot:
Pictures Hunt NN 6pt JPG reduced.jpg

Pictures Buck Curves JPG reduced.jpg

Pictures Buck Curves 2 JPG reduced.jpg