Big 8 on scrape

if he.'s 4.5 or 5.5 then the only reason I would ever ever (no I'd never pass) -pass him would be if there was a bigger or older one that I thought I had a reasonable chance at.
Cut, you would know him better than me, but at this angle, I think he's already 5.5 and should be on your "shoot on sight, mount on wall" list. :)
Good luck, bro. He's a dandy!

cut buck.jpg
My brother in law thinks I'm crazy to not shoot on sight (and maybe seeing him in person will change my mind!), but talking to Baker and others over the past couple of years really makes me want him to reach absolute peak physical maturity. Maybe he's 5.5 and already there, but maybe that's 6.5 and next year he will be a once in a lifetimer. I think there is a reasonably good chance that if I don't shoot him this year, he will survive. But he could cross the highway and get shot or hit by a car.

I also have a better food plot plan figured out that I think will improve his nutrition/diet next growing season. Decisions decisions.
Cool video! It was almost like a director had him "working the camera" with all that turning side to side. Like, make sure you get a good look at the headgear! Nice buck! Definitely has a bit of age to him.
Maria Teresa Marina Martinez, Cutman your not in Ole Mexico. If that is not a once in a lifetime low country SC buck, could you show me a picture of one that is?

Ha. Y'all have me second guessing myself. Geo, he's a big buck for sure. There's one from 2005 that still haunts me....if I can find the pictures I will post them.
Cutman, if you would let him walk, I would like to see what you've been killing. That's a terrific rack for the lowcountry. I would like to see what he looked like last year if you have a picture.
Even IF I had a bigger deer around, there was no way I could pass him up. Unless said bigger deer was within sight and I only had one buck tag. But 99% of the time, he gets shot. Yes I think he's 5.5, and unless I had a bunch others around, could not pass up a mature deer. Eventually killing one is what this is about, right?

Just look at those 2's!!!!!

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It's good to think these things over.


This is the buck that haunts me, Geo:


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With the chunk of ground that you are working with you can get deer through the year. If I were you and thought that he may be 4 1/2 he would get a pass.

Love the Charlie Daniels' song reference, George. Kudos.

Good catch, MIDNIGHT WIND, you're musical tastes are all over the place. I'll confess, I wasn't much of a metalhead/thrasher guy but since I bought my new ride with 6 months of Sirius, Ozzie's Boneyard has taken over.