Hi folks, I haven’t been online much lately as I’ve been working on my hunting camp and doing a little deer hunting.
I’ve been seeing tracks on my property for years that were substantially bigger then other bucks I had on camera and was never able to get a picture of the deer.
However he finally slipped up! For less then a minute lol. I know the chances of me killing this buck are next to none but I’m super excited and happy just to have him on camera.
We have big bodied deer here so I would say he would field dress 250 + lb. Judging by other 200+ pound deer I’ve taken.

I’m curious on what you think he would score?
Not that it matters as he’s an absolute hog!

The first picture is an 8 I took from the same stand this fall for comparison.

I’m having trouble with the mass


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That would be a really tough deer to score with pictures. Incredible mass, I love palmation like that.

Missing a G2 on the passenger side?

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I’m wondering the same thing about the G2. I only have 3 pictures of him so it’s really hard to tell.
If he is I’d like to see the one that was fighting with him!

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Not a high scoring deer, not wide, not super long beams or tines. But, he has the mass and is cool.