Best/ Worst ATV

Bought my first ATV last November when at Deer camp up in the U.P. of Michigan. It's a 2015 Polaris Sportsman 570. No problems with it so far. Worked great during the winter with the plow we got with it. Not to many hours or miles on it yet since I have yet to get a trailer to haul it to any trails.
There was a time when i raced XC (cross country) ATV events on utility ATVs. The tracks consist on everything, mud, sand hills, some of them are 12 miles long, most races are 2 hours.You are putting these machines to the test. Can-am has a big following in the XC world and has several factory backed racers that race on 4x4 ATVs. I began racing on a 2010 Polaris 850XP, at the time the nicest ATV polaris made. As an XC racer, we break things that the average person will never break. I will say this, I doubt I would ever own another polaris.Even during normal riding I continually had issues with my polaris. Can-am is the most durable, and reliable ATV I have ever owned, I am now on my 5th can-am of 10+ ATVs and no other manufacture has anything that I would even consider. It really all depends on what your looking for. If your looking for an ATV to keep for 10+ years and use solely as a work vehicle I think there is no better vehicle for the job than a honda. Honda ATVs have never been big on performance, or suspension but nobody can say that they dont build a reliable machine.