App recommendations?


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I've finally been drug into the modern tech age. Issued a Smart phone with new job. Any recommendations would be appreciated. would
If you enough of a nerd,
Skyguide. Shows all stars and constellations, satellites, planets, etc. Just hold to sky and it shows and names what you see. Pretty cool on a moonless morning on a stand waiting for sunrise.

Vtree ID. Tree Id guide by VT/ you should like that I'm assuming.

Leafsnap. Another tree guide with awesome pics.

DirectTV. If you have that, you can record at home by way of phone in addition to watch tv if that is your thing.

Topomaps+. Self explanatory.

Medscape. Drugs, interactions, uses, prescribing info.

Flixter. Movie reviews and showings.

AroundMe. Shows restaurants, gas, stores, etc near your location.

I could go on...I may not be young, but I am connected. Enjoy.
I use huntstand and time to hunt lite. I also started playing with huntwise. At first I wasn't sure about t2h but I feel like Ive seen more activity when they claim that I will, might be just luck though.
I use the weather channel, and Fu** weather for a laugh.
MotionX GPS is my "go to" app. It's my most used app on my property. During hunting season I've been using Scoutlook for the past couple years. For me it's simple to use and doesn't have too much information for me to digest. I've got all my stands set up with ideal wind conditions so I can hopefully make the best decision on where to hunt based on current conditions.