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Hey guys. I haven't posted for a long time. I'm looking for recommendations for new game cameras. My Bushnell cameras that Paul Knox recommended years ago on the QDMA forum have finally gone kaput and i'm looking for new ones. I don't want cellular because I don't have cell service on my property. Could I get some recommendations please. I don't mind spending a couple hundred bucks per camera but want something that's going to take good pictures day and night and last more than a couple years. I know there are a zillion options but I can't trust the online recommendations for obvious reasons. Thanks in advance.
This year at Academy I found Muddy Trail Cams for $30.00 each. I bought 6 to try and have to say they have done well.

Easy to set up for a custom set OR use one of their Pre-set Options.

They did recommend a certain type of SD Card, which I got, and they took very good to great pics both Day n Night. Great Battery Life. I put them out in July-August and as of end of November they were still working great with very little draw down.
A couple of pics from those $30 Muddy Cams







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I've been doing the Browning strike force for a few years with good result. Dave turned me on to them. I only had one puke out. Around $130 on sale. Rechargeable batteries.

However, I won't poo poo Deadeye's $30 cameras.

non-cell i'm browning as well everything else for brands has come and gone, brownings are still going....battery life on lithium's i put out in June and just took down in january here and threw all batteries in the bag for home use, as all of them had life in them 1000s of photos later...gone days of big old D & C batteries at changing 2x/month ha. photo quality is great, i have been swtiching to no-glow vs red IR.

However don't sleep on cell-cams if you are will to shell out some doe each month.

Tactacam/Spypoint to name a few that arguably same price point as non-cell cams and take just good quality photos, but have the monthly service fee for photo transmission.
Tactacam/Spypoint to name a few that arguably same price point as non-cell cams and take just good quality photos, but have the monthly service fee for photo transmission
One can get a 2 pack of spypoint link micro with 2 cards for 139.99 from academy sports. They just have to be connected to the spypoint app to engage. One doesn't have to pay anything for cell images, don't have to be functioning as a cell camera to still take pics as many and as often as one likes. As mentioned their picture quality is very good if not better than Bushnell. I have 16 running from end of August to now, have taken thousands of pics on same aa batteries. Battery life is very good for being used as a cell cam. Most cams have over 5000 pics on them in that time.

I like that they have a very useful chat option on their web page and they have been very helpful with any questions or issues I've had.

I will by these for stand alone cams and not care if cell coverage works. They are a quality cheap cam if that is possible.

Keep your receipts for warranty work, they have 2 yr warranty from when purchased. I haven't needed to worry about warranty yet.
They are all JUNK considering how much they cost. I was a Bushnell fan year ago, but not sure why, because I probably sent every one I ever owned back for replacement during the warranty which point they would actually ask "was it outside the whole time?" as they tried to weasel out of the warranty. Then after the warranty was up, they would offer me 20% off the newest model because I was such a "loyal" customer so it kept me locked into the brand. Switched to the Browning cams (regular and Spec Ops mini) and they are the same. Hit or miss. Warranty returns rejected because of superficial corrosion on the battery case. PIR lenses cracking after one season, then you can't get a replacement lens so you throw out a $200 camera for a $8 lens. I just took two Browning cams out of warranty apart and made one camera out of two.
The only camera I've heard great reviews on is the Reconyx, but I'm not about to drop that much coin on a trail camera.
CEE99BC4-B4A2-42B0-8628-4ECC0AD45ADE.jpeg 2F8B4731-A5AD-4AA8-AF37-3D924E6E7D21.jpeg They’re all made in China, what do you expect ?:eek: Seriously, if I get three or four years out of a camera I think I got my money’s worth. Brownings and Bushnells for me.
[ They’re all made in China, what do you expect ?:eek: Seriously, if I get three or four years out of a camera I think I got my money’s worth. Brownings and Bushnells for me.

That’s why I switched to Reconyx, they are made in the USA. I have two that are ten years old. They have been running every day since they were new and have never failed me. I know they are more than the OP wants to spend but you get what you pay for. For the record, I have eight Reconyx on 170 acres and they are all running strong.
I have 3 reconyx and will be buying a 4th soon. My first camera is 12 years old, the second is 11 years old, and the third is 6 years old. Over a million pictures taken between the three and still going strong. These cameras are worth every penny.
I ended up picking up a couple of browning dark ops HD and they are cheap brownings Not very impressed.The strike force HD are ok,I won't buy from anywhere except trail cam pro.comMight try exedus again sometime.I have started buying the browning solar panels it will take a while to break even but it's nice not changing batteries every 2 weeks
Those reconyx probably are the best - until someone steals four off your own property on the same day. That will break you of ever owning another reconyx. Brownings are the best lower end cameras I have used.
I bought a mid-higher end (~$200) Browning (Spec Ops?) and it takes wonderful pictures, a noticeable upgrade from the Strike force. Will be interesting to see how long it lasts. As of right now, I’d rather buy two $200 cameras as opposed to three $130 cameras if I have $400 to spend. Can’t quite make the jump to Reconyx jump just yet. I guess I’ll have to get burned once more before I get p!$$€d off enough to go that route.

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Most are made in china regardless of the name. That said I've had good luck with Campark and Apeman cams. I have 5 that I got from $12- $30. Some are a lot better than others. But all are better than the name brands I got 3-5 years ago. And my heart won't be broken if they get stolen. And some offer extended warranties for a few bucks xtra.