Advice on puppy training for sheds

kevin yeager

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Any advice for programs, details, and info for beginning our 12 week old lab on shed hunting? I've seen kits online from tom dokken etc. thanks in advance

Welcome to this forum. I think you will find many great folks on here willing to help.

This question belongs in the Dog Section. I have a thread over that "Scotty the Shed Dog" which covers my approach with my lab pup.

I am a big fan of DogBone - Jeremy Moore. He has great training advice.

To over simplify you will train the pup to sight recognition first. Use rubber antlers for training until the pup is 6 months old - at that point his teeth will be squared away and his mouth will not be tender. Large white antler silhouettes help teach the pup what the goal is for shed retrieval.

Second we train to scent. I use antler wax - I think it stays on the antler longer and rain and moisture don't eliminate it as fast.

Third - you have to train for obedience - sit, come / here, heel, find the bone, place, stay, etc.

Read my thread - Scotty the Shed Dog and read Piper the Swiss Army Knife. Both of these pups are slightly ahead of your efforts but both will help you.

What state are you from?

I will be glad to help you in any way I can. Advice is free - use what you can and ignore what you don't feel comfortable about.

I don't allow my pup to chew on antlers - he would think they are play toy if I did.


If you get on Facebook, go to DogBone and get on Jeremy Moore Dog Trainer site. When you search DogBone there will be a few other options.

He does live stuff in the evenings many nights - I listen every chance i get. He has videos on his site.

You can see good training information on YouTube. I believe in silhouettes to teach the antler concept, I believe in rubber antlers in the beginning. YouTube has great videos on Obedience Training also.

Tom Dokken has some good Videos on teaching also but he is not set up to answer questions like DogBone does.

North America Shed Hunting Dog Association is a great organization - NASHDA is their tag. The National Trial is April 8 and 9 in Minnesota.

How many guys in your state do you know that have a Shed Dog or a starting a Shed Dog like you are?

I am sending you a private message.

Once again, glad you are here.