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Hey all.
Been lurking here ever since they outlawed hunting unicorns. Finally decided to knock on the door. I'm slow to start talking but once I do y'all might regret it.
69 yo. Single. Well traveled due to work and curiosity. Never made it south of the equator. Came real close a few times.
Avid deer hunter. I said avid, not good. I have 50 acres a few miles north of Prentiss in Jeff Davis Co. Its mostly trees with about 1.5 acres clear for a small house trailer, a few qrtr acre clear spots and a 3 acre food plot. I'm guessing there are close to 2 miles of trails.
Except for pigs there are lots of whatever you want to hunt here. Deer, rabbits, squirrels, turkey, Coyotes, foxes, armidillos, etc.
So far I've only hunted deer. If I see anything that even remotely resembles a coyote I will feed buzzards. I lost a 12 yo cat and his ferral gf in the same night. I am convinced Coyotes got them.
No pigs here but I'm told they're close and to expect them.
Old man about 90 down the road had some cattle. They were his pets. They used to visit and eat whatever I had planted in the food plot. I left them alone. If the owner had been 40 years younger I might have talked to him about it. He died last year. The cows were sold.
I got a very nice 9 pt and a nice 8 pt here. I've seen others on game cams but they must sleep during the day.
Planted some fruit and nut trees around the perimeter of the food plot. Dunstan chestnut, red June apples, deer pear, persimmons, and pecan trees. They're no older than 4 years so it may be awhile before they produce.
When I bought this place 7 years ago there were 4 existing pear trees about 25-30 years old on the north west edge of the food plot. I don't know what they are but squirrels and deer love them. Between Aug 10 and 13 every year every trace of literally hundreds of pears vanish. Not even scraps on the ground are left behind. Nothing.
I guess I've said enough. Thanks for listening.
Welcome. I have a daughter close to Macon. I like the picture that you painted of your spread. And I like the respect that you had for the old man down the road. We are all heading towards the older person stage. Looking forward to hearing more about your property and endeavors.
Welcome aboard. Sounds like you have a handle setup with some good possibilities. I am envious of your four legacy pear trees. When my son and I first started bow hunting we notice deer under my Uncle's pear tree almost every day. Since then I have planted many, but only producers so far are some small ornamental type. I have about 20 trees that should start doing something soon.