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I’m Darren. I retired from the Army as a Green Beret in 2018. 26 of my 28 years were spent at Ft Campbell and I’ve lived in middle Tennessee the whole time.
I’m an avid CHRISTian and know the LORD already saved my eternal life but HE also saved my skin too many times to count in Iraq and Afghanistan. Every word of the Bible is true (2 TIm 3:16 / Heb 4:12)
If those aren’t your beliefs, I’m sorry. GOD just hasn’t placed the right person in front of you to explain HIS love and grace - yet. I’d be happy to explain HIS Gospel.
At 28 years I had a near fatal military freefall accident breaking my neck and back that forced me to get medically retired (another blessing in disguise). I’ve since spent the last 6 years ensuring my Police Detective wife could retire and not worry about anything at home or otherwise.
We spend our time caring for our land, our wildlife, planting and harvesting - anything that keeps us outdoors in the woods.
Our main goal is to exchange ideas on what works / doesn’t work for deer management and food sources. Considering our droughts - we need something new!!!
The deer in my avatar was home grown. I had to suffer two years watching him as a little 10-point then an OK 10-point before taking him last year.
Greetings from South Central Kentucky!! I too am Blessed beyond measure and thank my God daily for all he has done for me.... I am glad to share with you everything I tried and what has worked and not worked so far... I know you said middle TN, are you near the Ky border? Maybe we can get together one day when this snow melts a little and talk... Jeff
Welcome to the forum from Texas where you’ll freeze your keester off……about three days a year !😜 But never fear, the 60+ days of 100* temps will make up for it. These guys will show you the way !

And thanks for your service and the commitment you made.