Adding Bulk & Combining Small Seed in a Hand Crank Spreader


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I planted three small plots on September 22nd. with a mix of wheat, oats, clover, chicory, radish and mung beans. The wheat and oats were spread with an ATV mounted spreader. Then, as first time for me, I mixed all of the smaller seed (clover, chicory, radish and mung beans) together in a bucket along with an equal volume of coarse corn meal. Those seeds were spread with a hand crank spreader. In previous years I'd spread each type of seed individually with the hand crank and had never added a bulking agent like corn meal. We had good rain on the plots about two hours after planting, then again three days later.

I checked the plots Sunday, 30 Sept. Germination was good. But what really impressed me was how evenly the clover, chicory, radish and mung beans were distributed on the plot. Never again will I broadcast small seed individually or without a bulking agent. Better results were not the only benefit. With everything combined I only had to walk each field one time with the hand crank to plant everything.
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I’ve heard of people using sand or pell lime too. I may try this next time I seed. Unfortunately I’ve learned the hard way about opening the gate on the hand seeder too far and running out of seed. Plus over seeded plots don’t usually turn out that hot.
I like the idea. I've always used sand but that may actually be better because if the sand is damp or wet it wont really carry the seed because it is heavy and fly's farther. And if its dry it does ok but may be finer than the seed and not a good carrier.
I just adjust the hand or electric spreader opening on the small size and seed the plot 2 times. Works for me just fine.