2020 sheds

Cutman, does that look like a break off maybe from a fight? The following two pictures show an interesting event regarding sheds. I had not noticed the full story here until I had posted the second picture in the Habitat talk forum December trail cam contest and a very observant reader named Hillrunner spotted something unusual in the picture that I had completely misinterpreted. We thought we had simply found our first ever electronically found antler but it turned out to be a pic taken just as the shed hit the ground.



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Posting for KSQ. Lucky guy is already finding sheds! Deer on my camera's are all still sporting both sides.
If you look close in the top of the picture, you can see one of those old style barns they built around here in the 70s. They had four fiberglass panels to let some light in. The fiberglass on the near side busted out years ago and makes a perfect place to glass deer from in the summer. We built a raised platform on the inside to see even better. The barn is on the highest place on the farm, so I we can sneak into it coming from the road, even when deer are already on the lower ag field and plots. When I’m posting about deer watching this upcoming summer; now you know where we’ll be sitting and watching the show.
It has been an unusual year for sheds here in SEK. I could have very easily shot two different shed bucks during the bonus antlerless season (first week of January), if I hadn’t been watching closely. I’ve rarely seen this many fully shed bucks this early. We will still wait until mid February before we begin shed hunting in earnest.
I’ll be in north central Kansas near Maryville.
We used to bowhunt and shed hunt near Beloit. Both activities were often successful for us up there. We have good friends that farm there, they have now reached an age that we feel we’d be too much of a burden to go and spend a week with them. They would be hurt if we stayed in a hotel and just hunted on their land; so we only go up for short visits now w/o the hunting. It is awesome whitetail country up that way! Good luck!!
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That'd be great cat! This is a buck that has been around for a while; I was after him this year and never got close enough. Maybe next year!