2 grasses in SE NC


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here is the first one, found right on the edge of most ditches but on drier ground
and the 2nd one is found in the low areas, often flooded, poorly drained
I know very little about grasses, but these 2 are fairly abundant on my property. If beneficial would be intersted in gathering seed and spreading to other areas.
Both of your grasses are from the genus Andropogon (aka bluestem). Most people think there are about three or four varieties, but nothing could be further from the truth. Look at the following web-site and you will see what I'm talking about and also why it would be impossible to make a 100% definitive ID of your grasses just from those pictures. However, you will likely find both of your grasses on the following page. The first one looks like one of the "Brushy" varieties:


As far as being beneficial to wildlife, their greatest benefit is the cover that they provide.

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Thanks Native, I just wanted to make sure i was spreading something invasive. I feel pretty good on ID trees on my property and a few of the commonly browsed shurbs, but grasses are new territory.
For example: dad mowed our clover during a hot drought cause weeds were taking over, only thing that came back was johnson grass that i couldnt ID and let go to seed.