Would you shoot him?


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I am not the greatest at aging bucks. I try my best, but fail sometimes. I think this deer is 4.5, but I am not 100%. He stands one way and looks 3.5, the next picture I get I want to put an arrow through him. What do ya'll think? This is from the last time I pulled my card.


I would lean towards 4.5. Regardless I would shoot him, because I rarely see pictures of deer like that where I live.
Only thing that matters is...what do you want to do. I would lean to 4 without knowing anything about your deer. Irrespective, to me not the type buck that makes a big jump. Have fun with him.
I agree with Baker. If you like him take him. I also don't see any indications that this deer is going to turn into a giant with another year or two. But, he does have some nice character to him.
I don't even have to see the pictures. If he is what you want - you go after him. If your hesitant about taking him, when wait. You know what is in your area and what isn't. You know what you have taken already and the like as well. Nobody has any reason to question your decision one way or the other.....if your happy, that's all that matters. His age doesn't qualify him any more than his antler score or his weight does.

All 3 bucks I have on the wall I had never seen before (none of them are "monsters" - all three bucks, gave me only a matter of a few minutes to decide. If they make my heart go "pitter-patter" then the trigger gets pulled. If I have to look and look again and then maybe even a third time.....then I wait. The "no-doubters" - are easy to decide......I only get one buck in my state......and I try to make it be one I really want.
I am just trying to shoot mature bucks, no matter the antler size(even "culls" have an age minimum). I will see if I can find a picture from last year. He made a pretty significant leap.