winnowing bad oak seed?


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"A friend who lives in Barry's Bay has white oaks and they self-propagate. I've found the best way to sprout the white oaks is to rake the acorns up with the leaves in the fall and then just leave them in a pile. Then in the spring carefully go through the pile, pick out the sprouted acorns, pot them and in the fall plant them."…

Will this leaf litter germination work?

I was thinking transplant as soon as I see them in the leaf litter. The leaf litter would make it very easy to get the roots out.

I have pounds of junky seed not worth planting direct before knowing what will grow.
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I think that will work just fine. Or scoop them all up and throw in a 5 gallon bucket of water. If they sink then odds are they are good. Then toss the floaters or throw them in the leaf pile. If I just left them in a leaf pile the tree rats would find everyone.
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