Concordia oak seedlings or acorns


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New member here and trying to glean as much information as possible.

I have a ~15 acre parcel of ~90-95% mature white pine that I am currently having clear cut due to the pine starting to fall due to high winds. I am planning on trying to establish some clover next spring if the soil will allow and re-seed with seedlings for deer and game. I am looking at a variety of nuts and fruits, but I was really wanting to plant some Concordia Oak next spring. Unfortunately, the debacle at MDC yesterday morning left me with none.

Does anyone have a source for Concordia oak seedlings, or even acorns (hoping for seedlings, but looking at this as a fallback) that I can go ahead and establish seedlings in a plot? I have looked, but I cannot find anything available, but I was hoping someone here might have know where I may find some.

I would also like to solicit any advice on re-seeding this area. The pine being cut are fairly old (70-90' tall) and I am imagining they have been there for quite a time. I plan on having some soil tests done, but it is on my family farm in another state, so I wont have access to get the samples until later this fall. My main worry is that the soil may be overly acidic due to 60-70 years of nothing but pine growing there. Any thoughts/help/advice is appreciated; thanks in advance!