Winfred/turnip recipe


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plan to drill it. Lost my notes from last year

Rape / turnip I plant 6lb rape, 3Lb turnip

On the web site is says Winfred mixed 2-4lb/acre. Seems light to me

Thinking of drilling 5lb Winfred/3Lb turnip?

Too much winfred?
Thanks. Yes they eat turnips

Last year I did a head to head winfred/turnips vs rape/turnips. Rape along field edge.

They walked through the rape to destroy the winfred. Eventually ate both down well
That was my experience with Winfred as well. Today, they're digging through the snow to chew on the stalks, some of which are 2" in diameter. I had great success mixing winfred and rutabagas. Both can be planted far earlier than turnips which I see as an advantage. I planted 3rd week of July which was late. I hope to plant a month earlier this season.
I planted rape, PTT, and daikon last Sept in half the plot and WW, oats and AWP in the other half. Didn't rain a drop until December. I have half a plot of WW, oats and AWP growing and little bitty brassicas with golf ball size turnips on them now. The deer are eating everything, but it didn't help during deer season. Hopefully this year we get the rain. I am currently trying to decide what to plant for summer and if I need to rent a planter.

Snow..... Whoosh. We are on the lookout for hail and tornados tomorrow. Snow would be nice instead of having to look over your shoulder for something that will suck your house up.