Window for fall planting clover?


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So I'm going to try and plant my first "food plot" this year, basically just trying to establish some clover on a couple of old logging roads. My plan is to use Rackmaster Clover Trio, which is 50% Crimson, 25% Med Red, and 25% Patriot White, along with some Winter Rye. The property is in SE Oklahoma, three hours from where I live in Dallas, so I don't get up there very often. I'm going up there this weekend to work on a couple of other projects, and as of now the forecast is calling for rain all weekend and into the next week up there. My original plan was to try and plant it the second or third week of September but the rain is really tempting me, since I'm going to be doing a throw and mow planting. Is this weekend too soon, am I better off waiting another month?
It would be too early for me in Virginia. The likelihood of getting a dry spell is too high. I'm sure you would get germination if planted now but if it dries up right after this rain event you have wasted your time and seed.
If it was me I would wait till Septembet. Worse think u want to happen is for the seeds to germinate and then not get enough moisture to sustain the young plants. We still have a lot of summer left and probably still a lot of hot Temps. I would wait till September. Your not really gonna see full benefits of a clover plot till next year.
Wait a month if you can. I do similar to my haul roads with WR , RC, brassica. Usually do in early Sept and much further north than you. I also throw down couple bags of 19-19-19 and some pellot lime for a 100 yds of road. Mow over or roll over with ATV or tractor before rain. I usually can get few years out of each planting.
Can't add anything more to what has already been said...

IF we got timely rains from now through fall a throw n mow clover/WR plot would be OK to start now but seeing as you are talking Oklahoma here and this is our hot/dry season and it would be bad to let all of that stuff germinate and then just burn up... Heck I think 3 years ago I couldn't plant till late September because the dry weather and heat just kept hanging on...I think I planted the weekend before the October 1st opener...
Okay, thanks guys, you've talked me down from the ledge! I'll stick with my original plan of planting in the middle of September.