Who's Blocking My Camera??


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Yesterday I began getting some weird pictures emailed from my cell camera. One looked like a finger print so I was a little anxious.


But others were just crazy, out of space pictures. The pictures came often and continuous, so definitely I had some creature that had taken residence.




In some pictures the creature totally covered the lens


All of this happened during the day and then at night it would go back to getting pictures of deer and raccoons.


The suspicious pictures started back up this morning, so I knew a field trip was in order. I parked a good distance from the camera and eased up on it. Very soon I was able to see some birds constantly going from camera to ground, camera to ground. Getting closer I saw that it was two beautiful Blue Birds!. Now I have four blue bird houses at Mandy Hollow, that are used every year, but have none at the Bull Pen. Don't know the fascination the birds found with the camera but they would not leave it alone.

This is the best picture I could get of the two:


And on the camera they had left their mark:


I decided to not fight them but offer a little higher seat so they would not block the lens.


They seemed happy as they came back to the new perch. Who knows what will happen next.

I think they were making a bluebird sex tape to post on the internet. That's cool, seriously. Love the bluebirds when I chance see them around here. Easy food for my hawks.
Well, I think I need to put up a Bluebird house or two for my new friends. They have taken a liking to this camera and keep hanging around, still blocking the lens.