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I’ve had the Cuddeback L series camera and home system for about a month now. When I first got it, it seemed to work fine when I tested it around my house but when I put it in the field it started only emailing me 1 or 2 pictures at at time all night/day long. Can’t get decent help from tech support. I’ve changed SD cards, cleared queues, reset and setup camera and home….. They say it should email up to 30 images each email, which is what it was doing originally, now just 1 or 2. Anyone have any suggestions?
It’s taking pictures, just not receiving them consistently. If I clear the SD card on the camera, the first couple of emails afterwards will have several pictures (30 some) After that, each email will only have one or two pictures. It’s like the camera isn’t sending them to the home. I’ve got a 94 link level. Almost like the queue between the camera and home is getting backed up or overloaded
Sounds like another glitch with the Cuddelink system. John Volkman posts on Habitat Talk and has a thread where he hypes the cuddelink system a lot, but he also helps a lot of folks work through the issues they have with it. I don't have a cuddelink system myself. My network is BuckeyeCam (higher end), so I've very familiar with RF transmission in general (before it gets to the cell transmission). Since you problem does not seem to be in that RF portion, I'd check with John.


Can you post the report here? Are there images in the queue?

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Yeah I’ve switched it out three times and ran the SD card test every time. It passes the test but always shows NA on the report. I’m probably just going to have to send it back for repair.
Are you on Habitat Talk? There is a specific thread for this and there is a Cuddeback guy on there who is VERY helpful. Worth a try.

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