While y’all are looking at snow...

Cut...That is a cool pic! Don't think I've ever seen a fawn on the ground before late April here. That was an early bred doe.
9F46BC23-8123-4AF3-9126-59B4C7E73A36.jpeg So that’s what spring looks like..... Thanks for sharing. Figure we’re 2 months behind you this year:(
That is awesome. It is also awesome living in the South!! No wonder the yankees didn't want us seceding. LOL
So how exactly did you find it? Did you see mom and then start looking around or did you just stumble upon it? Hopefully you will see it again in a few years as a nice 10 point. This assumes that it is a he and not a she.
I was bush hogging the field she was in (I think she was a doe fawn). She jumped up then bedded down about 50 feet in front of the tractor. I turned off the tractor and snuck up on her. She got up eventually and ran just into the woods on the edge of the field.

When she jumped up the first time I thought it was a rabbit. She was tiny...the pics don’t do the sense of scale justice.