What's wrong with this persimmon?


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I planted a few grafted persimmons Nov 2015. Watered them all summer 2016. They leafed out and looked good all summer last year. Now a couple of them are doing this. They leaf out. The leaves turn a dark color and then fall off and then the tree leafs out again. Anybody seen this before?


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I really don't know what causes it, but I've seen similar and don't think you have anything to worry about. Something hit a few of mine this spring, but they are coming out of it now.

I see a few native persimmon trees that get to looking pretty rough at times, but they keep going and making fruit. Others are always glossy and shiny. I guess they are a little like apples - some more DR than others. Your new leaves are a good sign.
They are a tough tree. Since they leafed back out you have a good root system going!
Have you had a lot of rain?
Something chews my leaves off right before and during bloom. Ground under the trees was covered in leaves a few weeks ago. But thats an insect.
I see it on native ones here from time to time. Not sure what causes it but doesn't seem to slow them down any.