Maybe this is what I've been doing wrong....


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My success grafting apples and deer pears is 90%+. My success on my persimmons is maybe 2 or 3%!!! While looking at a gardening site today, I came across a persimmon grafting thread that addressed a problem I hadn't previously thought of - - am I grafting too early? Up until now I've grafted my persimmons just a bit after my apples and pears, about mid-March in Eastern VA. This site said I should wait until the host tree was leafing out - - not budding, but leafing. Said you could graft as late as early July - risking an early cold autumn but assuring heavy sap flow to aid the graft. Also, my successes have all been on thick limb bark grafting - zero on branches with T&G, whip and cleft.
So, my question is, what are your thoughts on how late you can graft persimmons? (Average daytime high temperatures?)
Makes sense. On my farm in botetourt county they often don’t leaf out until early May. You’d want that flush of growth to be just after your graft, so try a few in April.

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