What to plant as a property screen


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So I am thinking about planting the property line between myself and a neighbor. I'm thinking some kind of low, dense growing evergreen tree. Any suggestions? Would have to be at least semi-tolerant to shade.
Biggest concern I have is that anything that I know of to provide a decent screen is going to require full sun. Cedar and spruce trees come to mind as well as MG for a permanent screen. Something like sorghum, sudan-grass or egyptian wheat may work as an annual....but again it all needs sunlight. Also keep in mind that many conifers will self prune lower limbs or not grow well at all in shade.
Eastern Red Cedars are great, they are however not the fastest growers, start looking into different types of shrubs that thrive in your area as well.
Sometimes you can make a deal with a local nursery to move cedars if you have someone that has them in a pasture they want out.I have done this and I have dug hundreds when 2-3 ft tall and moved