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A little about myself.

  • My name is Tim
  • I run these sites as a hobby, not a business.
  • I have about ten other sites of varying sizes, some get a few million hits a month, some get 100. Most are sporting-related.
  • I've been doing this for 20 years and do not intend to stop anytime soon. I also have a pretty decent support network in place, in the event that something should happen to me
  • All sites are run on a ten state-of-the-art servers of varying capabilities. Backups of the entire servers are run nightly and stored offsite for safe keeping.
  • The sites are run by volunteers and are largely democracies. In fact, the largest one that I have (where I know cutman from) was formed under similar circumstances when the AOL Red Sox forum closed down almost 20 years ago.
  • Through these sites we have raised over a million dollars in charity over the past ten years. From funding organ transplants, to 100k+ donations to child cancer victims, to buying (and designing) an AIDS vaccination truck in Africa. I am very proud of these efforts.
Thanks for making the place, Tim...Nice to see some names I recognize on the members box, as well as Alpha Doe! It had been too long. Was actually a bit worried something may have happened, but figured/hoped you'd just got bored
Tim you are doing great work thru those charities.

You have certainly stepped up to help all of us ole deer addicts. Looking forward to enjoying this forum - thanks to you and Cutman.
Two guys in the right place at the right time.
Well J-bird here, yep you can't get rid of me! I have been trying to stay in touch with the "ex-QDMA forum user" and it looks like some found their way here.....so here I am!!!!
I decided to come along too. I am new to the land management side of things and given the chance I wanted to continue to learn as much as I can. My strength is towards the hunting side of things and with the combo of that and learning new land management tools will only make me a better hunter and give me new information to teach my boys. Thank you for setting up this site.
Hey to all my old friends! Hey to all new friends! I took a break from the old site...not sure why, just life in general has taken me in different directions. I'm now a grandma of four that I watch almost daily. I still enjoy our weekend warrior whitetail habitat projects. I have expanded my interests to include the preservation of the monarch butterfly habitat...hopefully raise the interest of my whitetail habitat enthusiast friends. PLANT MILKWEED! New interests also include researching my family ancestory. Here's to new adventures!
Welcome to this forum folks. I see new names and names I recognize. Glad you are here.
Kubota has a name modification. Glad to see smsmith on here too. Redonthehead - glad to have a direct seed guy here.
I signed up. I will be monitoring the other sights as well. I feel like I got thrown to the curb, or worse. Thanks for an alternative to feed my addiction!
Hello folks, Baker { Rusty Baker} here offering a voice from the northern most banana republic..La. Many thanks to Cutman for his efforts on our behalf and to Tim for his expertise.
I made this same suggestion on another forum and I will make it here as well. When setting up your profile - in your "location" please list your hardiness zone if you know it. This helps guide some answers. My state has 3 different hardiness zones, so it could make a difference when considering what to plant, when to plant, or even helping ID a weed or shrub or the like. Here is a link if you don;t know what yours is