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so this is really nice -----

Cutman & I just enabled the CDN. This is a significant differentiation with most other forums.... it's something for the big boys.

A CDN stands for "Content Distribution Network". It's where all of your images will be stored. Why is this cool? Well not only do these images live on industry-best servers but anytime an image is uploaded it is copied to the 20+ other locations across the world. ANYONE who requests and image will then be given the image from the location that responds the quickest.

It's one of those behind-the-scenes things that complete changes how the game in played. We are also no longer limited by ANY sort of disk space. We would take in ten million images tomorrow and we'd scale perfectly alongside that (outside of some nominal cost increases, but that's a detail for when we get to millions of images :) )

Very impressive! Wow seems to be the word. Tim thanks for helping us redneck sportsmen & sportswomen out.
Very cool. I always hated reading older threads and the pics were missing. Good pics ad so much to understanding what is being said. "A picture is worth a 1000 words" thing.