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Well, like you guys guessed... my offer to purchase the site was turned down. Cutman asked me to turn up this site for him (and I assume you guys by extension).

Some stuff about me -

- I run a number of sports-related forums as a hobby. The biggest is sonsofsamhorn.net - if you are a Red Sox fan then you have heard of us.
- I am very strong on the infrastructure side, running these things are fun
- Once a user base is established, I promise that it will never go away. We have a few very large sites that run on these servers, so forums like this are literally trivial to add to the mix. You are welcome here forever
- I usually like to understand the culture, etc much better, but in this case it's a new forum. Cutman has offered to moderate the forum, I assume as a democracy from former members of the other site.
- If you need anything feel free to ask. I AM HERE TO HELP.
Good luck on getting this new site off the ground! I'm relatively new to food ploting and habitat stuff and need all the help I can get!
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Hi guys, in my rush to setup stuff for you guys I missed a few settings on the email server stuff... it's really the only somewhat ocmplex part of this entire setup.

Anyhow, I turned off email registrations. I'll turn it back on once I've had the luxury of sorting this out :)
I am so thankful Cutman got on this project within 24 hours. I look forward to the habitat ideas shared here.
By the way, I always favor the Red Soxes over the Yanks!!!
I know there is much work to do here - let us all have fun as go forward.
It looks like I have to go in and manually change each users permissions. That's how I got Wayne on board. Am trying to get this figured out so please be patient!
I never got an email confirmation but it logged me on automatically when I opened the page so it looks like I'm good to go.
Thanks for setting this up. Read the other site almost every day but didn't post a lot. Hope to do so more here and hope to see some more SC boys!