WEAR a Harness


So a good friend of mine sent this to me this am, a friend of his used screw in pegs and NO harness and this was his result!! He almost lost his arm and has a couple other deep lacerations - lucky to actually be alive!
WEAR a Harness friends!
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Ouch. I have one tree with the screw in steps. I hate them. Bought a ladder to replace them but never got around to it this year. Lucky to be alive.

Yes, always were a harness.
A friend of mine caught the inside of his calf when he fell one day about 6' off the ground on a scew in step. Lets just say he was damn lucky and has not used screw in steps since. I have never used screw in steps from the first time I hunted in a tree stand, just never trusted them. They should probably not be allowed to be manufactured anymore, I would guess that they have contributed to more tree stand injuries and deaths than any other type of tree stand accessory.
And a safety line with a prussic knot,I saw another deal on bowhunting.com where a guy got his wedding ring caught on a step and just about degloved it.Stay safe
I did that exact thing many years ago but mine tilted an like to broke my finger and gashed into it pretty bad...ruined the ring too...
I hunt mainly from ladder stands but I do have a few hang on stands and I am guilty of using the screw in steps. I have seen some injuries from these types of steps on a n old friend of mine...
I did that exact thing many years ago but mine tilted an like to broke my finger and gashed into it pretty bad...ruined the ring too...

Several years back on one of our leases there was a big pecan tree with a stand. It was renamed the "finger stand" the guy lost his ring finger due to wearing a ring, hooked on a screw in step. I don't use screw in's anymore, but always remove my ring Oct 1 and don't put it back on until after season.
I watched a friend of mine fall from about 10 feet up as a screw in step came out. As he slid down the tree I watched as each screw in step below him came about 3 inches from gutting him. They all came out the next week and were replaced with climbing sticks. No more screw in steps for me !!
I JUST posted on my property tour thread today my experience over the weekend and how my harness saved me from becoming a "thud"!
I quit using screw in steps after hearing a few horror stories, even though I have always worn a harness. But with a harness, I was afraid I'd literally rip myself a new orifice before I came to a stop.

And I wear light gloves regardless of the weather when climbing a ladder. I thought I was merely keeping my ring from making little clinking sounds on the way up.

Tell you what tree steps are good for, though. If you don't use a lifeline, like with a climber? If you have a tree step in your pack, and God forbid your top and bottom give away? You could screw in a tree step and take the pressure off your body to avoid suspension trauma.
I don't hunt hang-ons without safety lines anymore. Just not worth it. Secured from the moment you start climbing.

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This is how I do it now also. The older I get the less comfortable I am off the ground. Really it was when my kids started hunting that I didn't want them off the ground unless they were secured. I bought several of the safety lines and have gone that route since. Every new stand I buy is a ladder stand also. I prefer them where I can use them.