Vitis Riparia - What to plant with


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I've got some major riparian zones/field edges that I would love to get some wild grape established and tall enough that it would be up above the browse line. I plan to use some sort of stake/post to let it grow to start, tubed, then allow it to snake up some trees. My questions are:

1. What trees do you recommend being the available "climbers" for the grapes?
2. Has anyone had experience with grapes?
3. Am I wasting my time because black bears will demolish them?
I didn’t feel that way when I was a kid LLC. I ate the heck out of those muscadine grapes. Mama was lucky to get enough to make into jelly. I don’t see nearly as many now.
Oh yeah, me too—-and I still enjoy them. But man, when your trying to do TSI, nothing is more aggravating. My place is COVERED up in them.
So based on the info here, I should just add grapes to my garden and stick with more ninebark and dogwood on my riparian areas...?
That's what I'd do.

Pulled the trigger:
25 each of:
American Hazelnut
Arrowwood Viburnum

I know some of these require tubing to get started (each plant will be about 2.5 ft tall when received).

What height tube are most people using for shrubs?
I second the idea of grapevines being a pest. I've been putting my shrubs into wire instead of tubes. After the initial purchase of wire i can move it every few years to a new tree or shrub.
What height tube are most people using for shrubs?

Take what I say with a grain of salt but I use 5’ tall fencing on my shrubs. I pulled the fencing off my silky dogwood after two years. I should have left them on one more year at least. But the shrubs off the deer trail are getting larger while the shrubs right next to the trail are getting bushier but are consistently being mowed down to 24” or so.