Trouble Viewing Photos


Having trouble viewing photos that were uploaded via Photobucket. I get this error message:


Anyone else experiencing this? Is this just on my end? Viewing forum from my IPad through Safari, not the forum app.
Photobucket is charging for hosting services now. They have stopped all photos that come from their site.
Huh, well that stinks. So is this due to members that haven't paid for a photobucket account, or does the forum itself need a paid subscription?
It's all on photobucket's end...they give 10 gig of storage free and most guys just used that and used that hosting site to post their photos on these forums. Now photobucket is not allowing and 3rd party image hosting unless you upgrade to the premium $399.95 annual option they have and they are now going through photobucket accounts and removing all the 3rd party hosted pictures folks have posted for will mess up a bunch of stuff on any forum that the users have used photobucket to post photos...

Check out tapatalk...
I'm an IT idiot and I figured out Tapatalk pretty quick. Agree with Kubota. It's easy.
Yikes! Seems like a really steep yearly fee! Yeah, I use Tapatalk and it definitely makes things easy.