Hand cranking tiny white clover seeds


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I'm having trouble getting the tiny white clover seeds metered through my hand crank style seeder. The smallest gate setting still seeds too heavily. I can get a decent seed rate by mixing seed with granulated sugar but with sugar at a dollar a pound, this makes for an expensive addition to my costs. Has anyone else experienced/solved this problem?
Look at the Solo chest mount hand seeder. It has a better metering system than most of the garden store hand seeders. It has a plastic vessel for holding the seed and a nice weight distribution mounted on the chest. I've used it for all kinds of seed on a small field including clover and PTT which are very tiny.

To be perfectly honest, I don't plant without a nurse crop except for frost seeding, so I the Winter Rye acts as a carrier for my large coarse 3-point mount broadcast seeder for larger fields.
You could always run while you spread it to lower the rate.

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X2 on the Solo chest seeder. You can crack it just a sliver. Works great for tiny clover and bigger seeds.

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I think I have heard really good things about them too.

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I have a SOLO spreader. For small seed I tape closed one opening and tape a piece of card stock with a appropriate size hole over the other opening for the rate I'm looking for. It is more likely you will put it on too heavy than too little. I shoot for 2 passes . North South then East West.
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Get an extreme blower spreader. Should be able to outfit one on a blower for under $150 all in. Bonus if you already have a battery tool platform. You'll never buy another disposable seed spreader the rest of your life (for small seeds).

**I did not invent the extreme blower spreader**

Can you plug the hole so you can still use it as a normal blower?

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Can you plug the hole so you can still use it as a normal blower?

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Yes. You can close the opening just like any other spreader, and even take the hopper off in 3 seconds and use as a blower without that hefty thing up there.